NBCC Guide to Recertification

If you need additional time to obtain the CE hours required for recertification, you can request an extension. Email your request to recertification@nbcc.org. The extension request will require the following information: 1. An explanation of the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from completing the continuing education requirement during the five-year certification period. 2. A plan of action and timeline for completing the required continuing education hours. 3. The total number of CE hours already completed. Upon receipt of the necessary information, your request will receive careful review. You will be notified of the decision in writing. NBCC can grant a maximum extension of 12 months from your expiration date. If you qualify, you will be notified of the length of your extension. Please note that an extension does not alter the dates of the following certification period. You will have five years from your expiration date to complete the CE requirement for the following certification period. Note that the five years begin on your expiration date, not the end date of your extension. What If I Need More Time to Complete My CE Hours?